Details regarding the CVE token airdrop
As I'm sure most of you have seen we tweeted out on Dec 14, 2021 something that got a lot of attention.
We received 13,500+ replies to this tweet within 72 hours of posting
It is no surprise this list was created for users to receive a portion of the CVE Airdrop. However, we were pretty shocked by how many entries we received. Even with a basic bot and double-entry filters, we had just over 10,000 entries!
Let's get into the numbers a bit more for the airdrop. As shown in token distribution, 2.68% of the CVE supply has been allocated for airdrops. The breakdown for how this will look is like this:
2.18% minted on TGE airdropped with 0.5% vested for future community rewards/airdrop events. The original plan was to use 0.18% of the supply for the social media airdrop, but with 10,000+ entries, it wouldn't make it very worthwhile to those who could benefit from it.
With this in mind, our team has decided to implement a few social tracking bots within the discord to reward those who provide social value. Ultimately your airdrop size and placement on the final list will come down to your ability to show you are A.) not a bot and B.) genuinely interested in participating in our DAO.
We don't want you spamming channels or being forced to sit at the computer all day for some sort of social proof; our bots are being custom-coded by our team to reward meaningful discussions over simple "gm" or "hi" messages.
You will do just fine if you pop in a few times a week to ask questions or give feedback during open discussions regarding the protocol. You will also be rewarded for talking about us on Twitter, posting threads, making memes, or just sharing general excitement for our protocol's launch.
Remember that 0.5% of CVE we mentioned that is vested for future rewards? We plan to continue to reward users who participate socially at random. This way, most of the rewards stand to be earned AFTER the initial airdrop. Hooray! for incentivizing participation even further for our community.

What about the remaining 2%?

The remaining 2% of the airdrop allocation will go to relevant LPs on Curve, Convex, Yearn, Redacted, and Frax. More details regarding this along with snapshot dates will be shared as we get closer to launch. Users will have to claim the airdrop on our site if their address is whitelisted.