Curvance: An Omnichain Yield Optimized Lending Protocol

A new way to earn yield and unlock the full power of your liquidity
Curvance is a decentralized stablecoin lending protocol with an initial focus on LPs from the Curve, Convex, Aura, and Frax ecosystems. Curvance seeks to allow users to earn optimized yields while maximizing capital efficiency through peer-to-peer lending. Assets such as cvxCRV, auraBAL, and yCRV could earn similar or higher APR than they would earn on their original platforms but with the added ability to collateralize deposits for secure stablecoin loans. Interest rates on these loans are based on several factors including pool APR, price volatility, token liquidity, and loan-to-value ratios.
Curvance is utilizing some familiar concepts in new ways to create unmatched value for its users:
  • Decentralized Lending - A peer-to-peer lending contract that allows users to provide liquidity, and allows collateral depositors to borrow stablecoins at fair market value rates.
  • Token Governance - The CVE governance token will allow for participation in DAO voting. The DAO will control various things including pool gauge weights, collateral eligibility, lending assets, and platform fee rates/distribution.
  • Liquidity Routing - Collateral deposits to the Curvance platform will be routed to the underlying contracts that earn them yield i.e cvxCRV deposits would point back to Convex Finance so users' interest rates would not be affected while utilizing loan services.