Security and Audits

Security at Curvance

The Curvance protocol is engineered with security as its number one priority. In this space, where people transact valuable assets, safety is crucial, especially in the case of Curvance, which deals with sophisticated and complex assets.

DeFi can be intimidating; in 2023 alone, close to $2 billion has been exploited through smart contract vulnerabilities. The industry is prone to various attack vectors, and Curvance has worked extremely hard to minimize these risks.

During the creation of the platform, Curvance maintained a strict policy on code review, testing, and security by working with reputable auditors and security experts.

Audit reports will be posted publicly when available.


To ensure the highest level of security, Curvance has partnered with several of the leading Web3 security firms and organizations. Each brings their own merit and strengths to the table.

TrustSec serves as the primary security partner, addressing concerns related to potential bugs, exploit vulnerabilities, and overall functionality. They have significantly contributed to the majority of hours invested in code auditing over the past five months. Auditors include Trust, Zach Obront, MiloTruck, and Bernd.

From the yAcademy hosted by Yearn Finance, it spawned yAudit, a team of Web3 hackers and engineers. The team assisted in test expansion and helped with nuanced intricacies, such as external integrations through 4626 vaults.

Trail of Bits played an important role in creating a highly sophisticated test suite for the complex and extensive code base for the cross-chain money market. ToB helped employ stateful fuzzing and systematically tested code through various actions and states.

Public Audit

A public audit will be conducted through Cantina, a groundbreaking marketplace for web3 security. The platform aims to simplify audits and provide tailored experiences with varied pricing.

Cantina connects organizations with security needs to expert auditors (teams and individuals) through Guilds, emphasizing accessibility and credibility. The platform ensures transparency, addressing the challenges faced by solo auditors and smaller audit teams.

Curvance has strategically chosen Cantina for its audit, recognizing the valuable advantages offered by Cantina's broad audit community and its connection to Spearbit DAO. By tapping into this diverse pool of auditors, Curvance ensures a thorough evaluation of its security protocols, benefitting from varied expertise and specialized knowledge.

This approach aligns with Curvance's commitment to a comprehensive security assessment, leveraging the efficiency and timeliness inherent in a larger audit community.

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