Capital Raise

For the F&F/Seed rounds/Private rounds
We've allocated 7% of the total supply for early-stage capital, 1% for our friends and family investors, and 6% for the seed. The total amount of money raised adds up to $3,733,200. The seed capital is for staffing the core team, audits and adding initial liquidity to the CVE LP.
Our friends and family investors purchased CVE tokens at $0.0793 with a vesting schedule of 12 months, Vote-locked with no additional CVE reward incentive during the vesting period (1 year)
The seed round is $0.135 with a vesting schedule of 12 months, in the CVE locker during the vesting period (1 year)
While vetting potential investors, the main focus was identifying groups/individuals that shared our long-term vision for Curvance. In doing so, we are only allocating CVE to strategic partners, aligned VCs and other DAOs.
Update May 16th: As we enter into the final stages of closing our seed round with disproportionate investment interest, we've begun utilizing the remainder of our Seed Round strategically to onboard DAOs and protocols who will build on top of Curvance or participate in TVL deposits. In cases where a party is looking for only investment, we offered private round investment at $0.18, these tokens come from the same 6% earmarked for the Seed Round.