Curvance: A Modular Multi-chain Money Market

A new way to earn yield and unlock the full power of your liquidity



Curvance is a modular multi-chain money market, for yield-bearing assets, and any other ERC-20 tokens. Initially to be launched on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Blast, Base, Optimism, and Polygon zkEVM, and aspires to establish itself as the de-facto money market for any ERC-20 token.

Value Proposition

  • Fat-dApp thesis - An all-in-one platform for yield optimization, including auto-compounding, higher APRs on supplied assets, and the ability to take out loans.
  • Support for any ERC-20 token - Curvance is founded to unlock further capital efficiency on yield-bearing assets. The modular approach of the vault technology allows the support of any ERC-20 token. The platform can easily integrate any protocol and market as long there is sustained and proven demand from users.
  • Security First - The markets are secured through a dual oracle system, circuit breakers, and audits by notable firms to ensure utmost stability and user trust.
  • Modular Architecture - Curvance is built with composability in mind. The implementation of ERC-4626 vaults allows for a standardized approach and opens the opportunity for other builders to come in and create their solutions on top of Curvance.
  • Multi-chain Equivalence - Aligned with a multi-chain world, the platform is built using Wormhole’s tech stack to deploy on multiple chains. This includes its money market and accompanying gauges.
  • Improved Tech Stack - The platform is built from the ground up, featuring cross-chain voting, liquidity routing, a custom liquidation engine, and improved tokenomics.

DeFi Composability

The most defining feature of DeFi is the concept of composability. Thanks to smart contract architecture and programmability, various protocols and applications can interact with one another in a standardized way, enabling the development of innovative and sophisticated financial products.
A great example of DeFi composability is decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with vote-escrowed token models. These are well-established DeFi products using proven token models for alignment between Liquidity Providers and stakeholders of the DAO.
These token models and other DeFi innovations have led to the development and surge of an entire industry around governance tokens and yield-bearing assets. This includes governance aggregators, bribe platforms, auto-compounders, and other yield-optimizing products, each with its distinct approach. Among these innovative offerings are examples like Pendle’s Yield Tokens, GMX’s GLP, Convex's vlCVX, and other long-tail assets.
Consider Curvance as the solution to the proper money market that this DeFi segment has been missing. The platform is built from the ground up and features a unique liquidity mining system, liquidation engine, and multi-chain equivalence that can be extended to virtually any chain and any market.


The goal of Curvance is to become DeFi’s end-game and the de-facto everything app for lending and yield.
As DeFi continues its growth trajectory and more sophisticated yield-generating products are built upon existing DeFi infrastructure, the market size and prevalence of yield-bearing assets are expected to expand significantly.
In this evolving landscape, Curvance assumes a pivotal role, facilitating the continued growth of DeFi by empowering users to leverage these assets through borrowing, thus amplifying their capital efficiency and opening doors to new opportunities.
A key component of this vision is Curvance's multi-chain strategy to become a versatile platform capable of capturing opportunities across various chains and ecosystems. This agility and adaptability enable Curvance to tap into different flywheels.
As a result, Curvance can cater to a broader range of users and leverage the strengths of different yield-bearing asset markets, maximizing its revenue potential.
The goal is to become the de-facto yield market that caters to the entire DeFi audience, from regular users to DeFi powerhouses. This mission starts with supporting and integrating the biggest revenue generators in DeFi. Additionally, the multi-chain strategy enables Curvance to easily expand to new venues that are in demand.
The Curvance money market capitalizes on the extensive composability of yield-bearing assets and ERC-20 tokens, allowing tokenized treasuries, tokenized NFT markets, and other primitives to borrow against. It will open a whole new world of capital efficiency and optimized yield.
On Curvance, users can earn a competitive Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on assets compared to their native platforms and unlock liquidity by securing loans against these assets.
Hence, Curvance can be regarded as the final top layer for DeFi yield.
Upon beta, Curvance will be live on at least Ethereum, Arbitrum, Blast, Base, Optimism, and Polygon zkEVM. By being multi-chain from the start, Curvance places itself at the center of the multichain DeFi landscape and aligns itself with similar protocols.