Multi-chain Architecture


Wormhole is a groundbreaking innovation in the blockchain industry, paving the way to a multi-chain future previously unattainable.

The technology developed by Wormhole is instrumental in overcoming the challenges of interoperability between blockchains, both EVM and non-EVM. Curvance will use it to overcome composability limitations and bring its product to multiple chains. The tech is also leveraged to improve the protocol scalability with the Multi-chain Gauge System.

At the core of Wormhole lies a sophisticated architecture designed to facilitate seamless communication and data transfer across different blockchains. From a high-level overview, Wormhole multi-chain communication occurs in three key areas: the source chain, off-chain processing, and the target chain. The source chain initiates actions or interactions, which are then validated and relayed off-chain before execution on the target chain.

The Guardian Network

Central to its architecture is the Guardian Network, a group of 19 validators contributing to the verification and signing of Verifiable Action Approvals (VAAs). VAAs act as the foundational units of multi-chain communication, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of data transmitted between disparate blockchains.


VAAs serve as the lifeline of Wormhole's multi-chain functionality. These verifiable and authenticated packets of multi-chain data are generated whenever a multi-chain application contract interacts with the Core Contract. They encapsulate validated messages that traverse different blockchains, ensuring secure and reliable multi-chain communication.

Automatic Relayers

One of the groundbreaking features within Wormhole is its Automatic Relayers. These components revolutionize multi-chain development by eliminating the need for developers to create and maintain off-chain relayers. By leveraging a pre-configured and decentralized network, Automatic Relayers streamline the integration process for developers. They enable developers to focus solely on the core logic of their dApps, reducing operational complexities and accelerating development cycles.

Automatic Relayers drastically reduce operational costs by removing the need to develop, host, or manage individual relayers. This simplified integration process allows for seamless delivery and reception of verified messages across diverse blockchains, making multi-chain functionality more accessible and efficient for developers.

Curvance leverages Wormhole and its automatic relayers for its multi-chain strategy and to power the multi-chain gauge.

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