Multichain Gauge System

The Multichain Gauge is a new, innovative system developed to improve the vote-escrow model by enabling cross-chain voting and reward distribution. Most gauges only allow governance participants to vote on the respective chain.

Curvance’s multichain gauge allows:

  • DAO participants to lock $CVE on all supported chains.

  • Participants to vote on any emission policies.

  • $CVE token lockers receive protocol fees pro-rata generated from all supported chains.

  • Anyone to incentivize liquidity on the supported chains.

  • Liquidity can be incentivized on all supported chains.

    • Protocols can vote on their token pairs on specific chains to increase the gauge weight for the direction of emissions there.

The multichain gauge utilizes Snapshot’s gasless voting system.

Snapshot is a decentralized platform that facilitates governance in decentralized applications and protocols. Its gasless system allows users to participate in voting and decision-making processes without needing to pay gas fees, making participation more accessible and user-friendly.

Voting is done during voting epochs. Upon conclusion, votes are moved on-chain and inputted into a matching engine on Ethereum that determines the portion of emission on each pool and chain. Those results are bridged through the cross-messaging system to each partner gauge.

Like the voting and gauge system, the CVE locker system is multichain, with Ethereum acting as the canonical chain. Every epoch, each partner chain reports back its veCVE-locked token state to Ethereum.

This allows the Ethereum gauge to tabulate USDC and CVE rewards for the epoch per veCVE locked. All rewards are then distributed similarly to the gauge emissions. Rewards from Ethereum become immediately available, and cross-messages are sent to each chain with the appropriate USDC and CVE rewards for each partner chain. Below, you can see the visualized communication system:

The multichain gauge, as developed by Curvance, introduces a unified vote-escrow system that utilizes cross-messaging to connect Ethereum with multiple partner gauges. Users can lock CVE tokens on any chain and vote for any pool while enjoying equal protocol fee sharing. This innovative design allows for gas savings, deep liquidity, and fee generation from all supported chains.

The system is chain-agnostic and able to accommodate numerous chains with minimal maintenance.

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