New Age Liquidity Mining

On top of the Multichain Gauge System, a more mature version of SushiSwap's liquidity mining infrastructure has been built for protocols or other entities to offer incentives to users seamlessly. Traditionally, creating secondary yield farms for additional incentives involved complexities and user actions.

Projects, from regular DeFi protocols to blockchain networks and NFT collections, can integrate with Curvance to host an LP pool supported in an isolated market and directly configure incentives, enabling users to immediately access supplementary rewards without altering their actions.

This flexibility empowers the partners to reward users who deposit assets while allowing control over incentive program parameters like epochs, token allocations, and type of reward tokens. A new paradigm of custom-tailored liquidity inventive programs opens up to allow true permissionless yield farms for anyone.

Protocols and blockchain networks can use Curvance's infrastructure. For blockchain networks, the Curvance protocol can act as a means of obtaining users and liquidity from their competitors by utilizing the Multichain Gauge System.

With Curvance, blockchain networks can directly incentivize specific user bases by creating tailored liquidity incentive programs.

Like any product by Curvance, New Age Liquidity Mining will also live on any chain, allowing blockchain networks to launch incentive programs on other chains. This allows them to tap into the fees and volume other chains create.

By acquiring veCVE lock dominance, the chain receives a share of the biweekly rewards, which would go to the lockers on their chain. This creates a fourth vertical for chains to grow network usage beyond airdrops, STIPs, or grants.

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