The Flywheel Wars

How will Curvance be utilized by external ecosystems?
Our original vision for Curvance was created while the Curve Wars were heating up. As we've continued the development of our protocol and attracted top builders to work with us, we quickly discovered a much broader vision for Curvance. With new flywheels emerging across Ethereum/Rollups and the successful Shanghai Fork, the potential for Curvance to become a critical infrastructure piece for participating users became apparent. We've witnessed various "Wars" in the DeFi landscape, and with the expansion of L2s, we anticipate increased competition for liquidity and users among projects, ecosystem flywheels, and rollups. This could extend to liquid staking derivatives and EigenLayer, leading to an all-out war to steer liquidity their way. While this is conjecture, one can look at the history and current path of the DeFi landscape and see the stages being set.
Curvance is designed to be highly modular, enabling effortless user support and seamless integration with other protocols. Using the ERC-4626 vault standard, we allow auto-compounding and collateralized loans, maximizing yield while maintaining active loans. This allows users to achieve capital efficiency not seen prior to Curvance. Our CVE Gauge Emissions last a minimum of twelve years, rewarding strategic LPs. The entire protocol is built with an omnichain future in mind, so that every flywheel can tap into Curvance to gain an edge over other ecosystems. Our gauge system and vote escrow system are both omnichain, allowing for unified liquidity positions when locking on chains outside of Ethereum Mainnet or receiving protocol reward distributions on rollups.
Should a Flywheel War occur, Curvance is ideally positioned as a crucial protocol in the battle.