Beta Launch

After the conclusion of the incentivized testnet and various security audits, Curvance will enter its official beta launch, which will be the official launch of Curvance on Ethereum Mainnet. This will also mark Curvance's CVE TGE [Token Generation Event].
The goal of the beta launch is to bootstrap protocol usage with accelerated gauge emissions in the form of CVE call options and support for partner project flywheels such as Curve, Convex, and Aura assets.
We expect the beta to last approximately six weeks or around three epochs. During this period, veCVE voters will mainly be the team and investor-controlled tokens; the goal will be to target emissions towards assets that Curvance needs to succeed, such as yield-bearing long-tail assets with deep liquidity and stablecoins for users to borrow against. This will also be the best time for users to accumulate CVE in preparation for the full release across multiple chains.
This period will allow us to refine user experience based on community suggestions and allow us proper time to prepare for integration with various partner protocols.
Following the conclusion of the beta launch, the CVE LBP auction will take place, allowing users to accumulate CVE to lock and participate in Curvance DAO governance.