Full Protocol Launch

Following the conclusion of the beta launch and LBP auction, Curvance will enter its official launch. During this period users may exercise their CVE call options accumulated from the incentivized testnet and beta launch.
The full release will mark the start of the Omnichain Gauge, and Curvance will launch on both Arbitrum and Optimism. During this period, protocol-owned liquidity will be launched on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism with the ratio 50%/25%/25% to ensure liquid markets are available. The goal is to support Chronos, GLP Wrappers, and Velodrome assets immediately on launch with expansion to additional flywheels and chains as development continues.
Beyond the full release, we plan on launching on zkSync, Scroll, and Quai when appropriate/resources allow it. We are always open to additional partner projects and chains, so reach out; we would love to work with you!