Token Distribution

Community - 65% [273,000,044.85]

We have allocated tokens to various liquidity incentive programs, keeping long-term sustainability in mind. The rates shown in this section will likely change as the token value fluctuates. This system is becoming more common among other DeFi projects.

  • 59.25% [248,850,040.88] Gauge Emissions - Released continuously over 15+ years with distributions based on biweekly gauge weights.

Biweekly Curvance governance participants decide on emissions policy. The emission rate of >15 years was chosen to balance the need for incentivized rewards to early adopters while not distributing all CVE too early, which is required for long-term sustainability.

  • 3.75% [15,750,002.59] Community Incentive Program: Incentivized Testnet & Beta - Rewarded based on a point system via protocol usage and referrals.

Active testnet users will qualify as early participants in the reward-based Community Incentive Program. During Curvance’s beta launch, users will also be able to accumulate points to further participate in this reward program. Additional information will follow as permitted by jurisdictional regulation.

  • 2% [8,400,001.38] Initial Pool Liquidity - Used to fund the LBP.

100% of funds from the LBP will be used for DAO controlled, protocol owned liquidity.

Team & Investors - 20.5% [86,100,014.15]

  • 13.5% [56,700,008.32] Team - Unlocked monthly over 4 years and 25% will be vote-locked on TGE in the CVE locker.

Team tokens will be issued for founders, early contributors, and staffing core team members.

  • 6% [25,200,004.14] Seed Raise - Vote-locked on TGE in the CVE locker and vested for 1 year.

The seed raised was allocated to strategic partners who could add more than just capital to the project. The allocation for each investor was between $25,000 and $500,000. These ticket sizes ensured no individual group or angel had an undue advantage regarding DAO governance. Since the beginning of our project, we listened to our community about raising capital; Every investor we chose reflects that.

  • 1% [4,200,000,69] Early Backers Raise - Vote-locked on TGE in the CVE locker and vested for 1 year.

The early backers' raise was meant for Friends & Family investors, people who are aligned with the long-term vision of Curvance. They were offered an early-stage investment opportunity to help us bring this idea to life. These investors were vital in getting our team together and giving us our initial budget to create something beautiful before we had a name, website, or anything more than a goal to expand DeFi’s wrapped token utility. THANK YOU!

Treasury - 14.5% [60,900,010]

  • 14.5% [60,900,010] Treasury - 25% will be vote-locked on TGE in the CVE locker.

The protocol treasury is controlled by Curvance DAO and keeps all DAO-owned assets. Initially, it will consist of CVE tokens and LP tokens from the LBP.

Capital Raise Details

  • In total, 7% for early-stage capital (seed).

    • 1% for Friends & Family investors at $0.0793 with 12 months vesting. The tokens are vote-locked with no additional CVE reward incentive during the vesting period.

    • 6% for the seed at $0.135 with 12 months vesting. The tokens are vote-locked in the CVE locker during the vesting period.

The capital raised from the seed is used for staffing the core team and financing audits.

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