Boosted Rewards

Boosts to our protocols deepest supporters.

For Those Who Always Max Lock

Curvance's veCVE token has a unique locking feature, allowing users to opt for a "continuous lock" which keeps a user at maximum duration to maximize their voting power without having to relock their tokens every few weeks and waste gas. In addition to this, locks set to the "continuous lock" feature will receive a bonus multiplier on the voting power of their lock (15% currently). The goal is to further align DAO voting power with users and protocols who are in it for the long haul opting to stay constantly at the maximum lock duration. More details regarding how our veCVE token works can be found here.

To the Emission Locker

Curvance offers a unique feature for users with unclaimed CVE rewards from Gauge Emissions. Rather than a single option of claiming rewards, a user can choose to instantly lock their CVE rewards as veCVE for a bonus (20% currently) allocation. For example, if a user has 100 unclaimed CVE and chooses to lock the claim, they will receive a 120 veCVE position.
Note: this is a one-time choice whenever a user has unclaimed rewards. Locking those same rewards after a claim will not yield the bonus veCVE lock. The goal is to reward users and protocols who are continually locking rewards to participate in governance over someone who constantly claims and liquidates their rewards. This allows further alignment among the DAO and helps Curvance achieve the long-term vision of becoming the most prominent long-tail asset lending market in DeFi. More details regarding how our gauge emissions function can be found here.