Token Distribution

Community (66.5% – 279,300,045.885 CVE)

We have allocated tokens to various liquidity incentive programs, keeping long-term sustainability in mind. The rates shown in this section will likely change as the token value fluctuates. This system is becoming more common among other DeFi projects.

53% [222,600,036.57] Gauge Emissions & Boosted Locked Rewards – 12 years+ released continuously with distributions based on biweekly gauge weights

The Curvance DAO voters can decide biweekly which pools are allocated tokens from the continuously streamed CVE emissions for a minimum of 12 years. Users may also opt into instantly locking their gauge emissions as veCVE for a boosted (moderate bonus) percentage of tokens. More details on how boosted lock rewards function can be found here.
The emission rate of >12 years was chosen to balance the need for incentivized rewards to early adopters while not distributing all CVE too early, which is required for long-term sustainability.
By emitting such a large portion of the CVE token supply via gauge emissions, we aim to incentivize community-injected liquidity of yield-bearing positions and stablecoins for peer-to-peer lending. More details regarding how our lending market works can be found here.

8% [33,600,005.52] CVE Lockers – 12+ years released after each biweekly epoch

An epoch-based CVE rebase will go to vote-lockers to incentivize users to lock their CVE for veCVE and minimize dilution via gauge emissions.
These tokens will be distributed over a minimum 12-year period to create lasting incentives for vote-lockers in addition to platform fees/voting rights.

2.8% [11,760,001.93] Boosted Beta Emissions – 2.8% emitted as call options via gauges over Curvance's Beta Launch

During Curvance's beta launch, gauge emissions will emit call options of CVE rather than standard CVE. The emissions rate will be significantly expanded to bootstrap protocol adoption and allow users an additional incentive to familiarize themselves with the Curvance protocol. These call options give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to purchase CVE at a predetermined (TBD) strike price immediately following Curvance's LBP auction. More details on how CVE call options function can be found here.

1% [4,200,000.69] Airdrop – 1% claimable on TGE as call options

"Early Adopters" and active incentivized testnet users may qualify for a shared allocation of 1% of the CVE token supply provided as call options. The goal here is to reward users that have been with us from the start and those who have offered helpful feedback to make Curvance even more compelling. More details on how CVE call options function can be found here.

1.7% [7,140,001.173] Initial Pool Liquidity – LBP on Full Protocol Release, LBP funds will be paired with treasury tokens as POL

This is for bootstrapping initial liquidity to our CVE/ trading pair. An omnichain LBP will occur following the conclusion of Curvance's beta launch, allowing users to participate from Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Optimism. All funds raised from the LBP will be paired with treasury tokens and used to seed liquidity across Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The liquidity on Ethereum will be split across Curve and Balancer, Arbitrum liquidity on Camelot, and Optimism liquidity on Velodrome.

Team & Investors (20.5% - 86,100,014.145 CVE)

13.5% [56,700,009.32] Team – 4 years unlocked monthly, 25% will be vote-locked on TGE [Token Generation Event], in the CVE locker
Team tokens will be issued for founders, early contributors, and staffing core team members. Long-term protocol development is vital to staying relevant in the ever-changing world of crypto. Rather than selling an overly large chunk of our tokens to VCs to pay our team with dollars, we chose to compensate our core team with a smaller salary and a token package. This payment structure incentivizes quality work from the core team, as most of their salary will depend on the CVE token price.
6% [25,200,004.14] Seed Raise – Vote-locked with no additional CVE reward incentive during the vesting period (1 year)
Our seed raise is only being allocated to strategic partners who add more than just capital to the project. The allocation amount for each investor is between $25,000 and $500,000 per investor. This ticket size ensures no individual group or angel has an undue advantage regarding DAO governance. Since the beginning, we have listened to our community about raising capital; every investor we chose reflects that.
1% [4,200,000.69] Early Backers Raise – Vote-locked with no additional CVE reward incentive during the vesting period (1 year)
Our Friends & Family investors are people aligned with the long-term vision of Curvance, and they were offered an early-stage investment opportunity to help bring this idea to life. These investors were vital in getting our team together and giving us a small working budget to create something beautiful before we had a name, website, or anything more than a goal to expand DeFi's wrapped token utility. THANK YOU!

Treasury (13% - 54,600,008.97 CVE)

13% [54,600,008.97] Treasury – 25% will be vote-locked on TGE [Token Generation Event] in the CVE locker
The Curvance Treasury is a DAO and core-team governed pool of CVE tokens. The treasury could be used to upkeep the code, future audits of smart contracts, bug bounties through our DAO work portal, cross-chain implementations, liquidity incentives (bribing), or partnerships with exchanges. In its infancy, a portion of the treasury allocation will be locked for veCVE. The platform fees earned from this pool will be used to acquire more CVE LP tokens and other governance tokens to strengthen the protocol treasury further. As these tokens vest, the DAO can decide where/when to allocate them elsewhere; otherwise, they will remain vote-locked, earning platform fees.