Curvance DAO

The Curvance DAO is the governing entity of the Curvance protocol and is controlled by the holders of veCVE.

Voting power from veCVE is aggregated from all chains supporting the token and accumulates voting power of all locks across all supported chains. The more veCVE voting power a given user has, the stronger that user's voice will be within the DAO.

The goals are a democratic, transparent, decentralized, strategic decision-maker involving stakeholders and incentivizing participation and contribution.


The DAO can direct structural changes to the protocol through DAO proposals. Any member of the DAO can offer a proposal to improve the Curvance protocol. Proposals may be offered via a public forum to facilitate discussion between token holders and to collect feedback. Once a quorum is reached on the forum, an official proposal and voting process is initiated on Snapshot.

Here are some examples of topics that are related to governance proposals:

  • Expenditures

  • Treasury

  • Fees, features, and functionalities

  • Security

  • Protocol parameters

  • Other topics

Direct Gauge Emissions

Gauge Emissions allow approved Curvance pools to receive continuously streamed CVE rewards decided by the DAO.

We have explained this model in detail under Multichain Gauge System.

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