Why Bond?

Protocol-owned liquidity is all the rage nowadays, and for good reason.

Owning Our Own Liquidity

After some early discussions with DAO founders and angel investors, our minds opened to the possibilities of Bonding and POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity). POL can create long-term liquidity for the CVE token, revenue streams to support ongoing development, higher yields for CVE lockers, and a treasury that can act as a natural backing for the value of our token.
Curvance would have the ability to acquire its own trading pair for CVE as well as other governance tokens that make sense for our treasury to own. Convex's cvxCRV and CVX tokens are a good example of yield generating strategic tokens we could acquire.
While comparing the benefits of Bonding to our original idea of using pool2 yield farming to bootstrap CVE liquidity, the choice was clear. Bonding is the future for protocol-owned liquidity in DeFi. Curvance will launch with tokenomics designed to take full advantage of this revolutionary system from day one!

Generating Passive Income Streams

Another clear benefit of issuing bonds to build a strong treasury is generating passive income streams. These streams, generated from our trading pair plus other governance tokens we acquire, could be used to expand the treasury, reward veCVE holders further, or even pay for protocol maintenance. Imagine a lending protocol with a strong enough treasury to ensure complete decentralization and self-sustainability. This is what we hope to achieve by issuing bonds; the long-term vision for Curvance is to be the most prominent lending market in DeFi. A strong treasury could help us achieve that goal.

Voting Rights

We are seeing something extraordinary in DeFi, where new DAOs are being created solely as a means to acquire voting rights for crucial infrastructure DeFi protocols. It's exciting because these new DAOs ultimately remove governance tokens from circulating markets, creating new scarcity and demand for the voting power itself.
Having the ability to issue bonds, Curvance can participate in this new evolution of DeFi, adding more value and use-case to its toolbelt. Voting-as-a-Service for Curvance soon?
For more details on Curvance Voting Power, see Vote Locking