Launch Schedule

Currently, we have these rough times planned for each stage:

Community Incentive Program:

  • Wen: Testnet and Beta.

  • Duration: Minimum duration of 12 weeks.

  • What: A point-reward program for early users and adopters of Curvance Testnet, Beta, and the LBP. Additional information will follow as permitted by jurisdictional regulation.

Incentivized Testnet:

  • Wen: TBA.

  • Duration: Minimum duration of 6 weeks.

  • What: Users can participate in the early version of Curvance. User feedback will be collected and analyzed for improving the protocol through submissions to the Feedback Questionnaire. This questionnaire is unlocked after the completion of specific user quests.

Beta Launch & CVE LBP:

  • Wen: Estimated Q2 ‘24.

  • Duration: 8 weeks.

  • What: Curvance will launch cross-chain. The CVE token will not be active until after the LBP event and the LBP starts 5 days before the end of the Beta. Curvance will launch its beta on at least Ethereum, Arbitrum, Blast, Base, Optimism, and Polygon zkEVM.

Full Protocol Launch:

  • Wen: After the Beta period.

  • Duration: Eternity.

  • What: Following the conclusion of the Beta period, Curvance will officially launch the multi-chain gauge system and expanded asset support.

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